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KoshkaIRC Network Rules

The rules of KoshkaIRC are quite lax. We subscribe to the old school ideology that the IRC is not serious business, and as such, the belief that the primary purpose of IRCOps is to maintain the security and stability of the network, and that disagreements can be resolved by users using the various tools that IRC provides. As is stated on the top of the page, it is always 2003 here. (^:

Nonetheless, in order to comply with U.S. law and to ensure that users have a pleasant experience, a smidgen of basic rules do exist. One set governing the entire network and a somewhat more drawn-out one governing the more structured main channel, #. The other main channel, #speakez, has absolutely no rules barring the bare bones ones governing the entire network and you are free to flood and/or engage in whatever other bedlam you wish there.

Please keep in mind that # and #speakez are only two channels, and you are more than welcome to start your own channel(s) and/or join existing ones if the lax nature of the main channels does not appeal to you. De-centralisation is one of the boons of IRC, and ensures that everyone can easily carve out a space where they feel comfortable and content. You can use the /list command to obtain a list of other existing channels that are not set to private.

Network-Wide Rules

  1. No illegal activity or conspiracy/discussion of committing illegal activity.
  2. No doxing.
  3. No harassment. You are perfectly free to say whatever you wish (as long as it is permitted by the rules of the channel you are in), but people are also free to avoid having to read it without being forced to flee the network.
  4. No abusing the main Markovka bot's functions (notably her !attn and !remind functions) for flooding. The rationale is that while anyone can safely /ignore a flooder, they will miss out on postponed messages sent to them and be unable to take advantage of the bot's functionality if they are forced to /ignore her. There is a second Markovka bot that is quarantined in #speakez that can be flooded with commands to kingdom come if you desire.

# Rules

  1. Flooding is partially allowed, but ONLY under two conditions:
    • You must have flood control disabled in your IRC client for KoshkaIRC. This will allow your flood to come through in one instantaneous swoop instead of steadily and continually disrupting discussion.
    • As mentioned in the network-wide rules, using Markovka to flood is strictly prohibited.
  2. Channel operator privileges WILL be revoked if a person abuses their power to unjustly ban other users or cause other such mischief.